About Us

At Liberty Baptist Church we believe that God would have us minister to our community in a way that fits with the needs of the people. The messages at Liberty Baptist Church are from the Word of God. The message of salvation is simple and free to all. The Word of God is supernatural and transforming! We still sing your favorite hymns from the songbook and use the King James Bible. Our church is committed to being local, personal and real. We are praying and working toward a revival in America.

Local Quartz Hill and the neighboring communities have a “small town” atmosphere where local shops and people interact as a community and not strangers. We are committed to community involvement and are an extension of the community. We support local businesses, events and people. It is our mission to be your local church. 

Personal Just like the small independent shops that make Quartz Hill unique, we are not about creating a “big-box” store type of church. We believe in treating people like people and not a number. At Liberty Baptist Church, members and visitors are treated with personal attention: we would like to get to know you as an individual. Our ministries are geared toward creating a family atmosphere where we can grow in Christ and learn to “walk at liberty” together.

Practical Walking with God is something that is real. When we come together to worship Him as a church body, we believe that our worship should be real and genuine. Paul said “By the grace of God, I am what I am…” (I Cor. 15:10), and that is what you will find at Liberty Baptist Church; real people who want to worship Him in Spirit and in Truth. From our song services to our sermons, everything is designed to be able to make personal application, Provide an atmosphere where everyone can find their place to serve and promote sincere personal growth that the world may know there is a God in Heaven.

Pastoral  At Liberty Baptist Church we believe the pastor should always be available. That’s why the Lord has put me here, to be an in person, in presence pastor. That’s why the pastor make his cell phone number abvailabe to everyone. No appointments necessary.
Mission Statement
Our mission is to glorify Jesus Christ together.